Finding A High Quality BJJ Gi

There are so many reviews out there for BJJ uniforms, we decided to take a step back and try to offer different helpful advice. 

When you step onto the mat, adjust your belt and prepare to roll, are you truly ready? Knowing that you are outfitted well for your training or competition is undeniably important when you roll. An ill-fitting or low quality gi will slow down progress and get in the way.


“Time on the mat will eventually surpass talent and ability.” -Gracie Mag


When you’re spending a decent amount of time in a gi, it’s worth finding a well-made one that can take a beating. Although some people will have different preferences for style, comfort, and characteristics of their gi, there are a few general ways to evaluate the quality of a gi. Here are a few tips on how to separate the good from the bad and find a high quality gi that will become a valuable asset to your BJJ practice:


Try before you buy if possible. This isn’t always an option but if you have the option, take it. You will be able to find out a few important things about a gi when you first try it on. From the weight and stiffness to the breathability and fit, a high quality gi will provide certain levels of comfort and feel.


Let others test it for you. There are many ways that a gi may fail you over time that you may not be able to predict from a simple try-on session so even more important than trying it on is to read reviews on the product. You will often be able to find reviews on sites where it is sold as well as on martial arts and BJJ forums. Don’t waste your money and time when you can have other people test out the quality for you.


Don’t let the cost decide for you. There are plenty of high-quality uniforms that come with very different price tags. Often, you will even find a high priced gi that doesn’t have the feel and performance you need. Base your decision on the feel and durability of the gi itself rather than assuming a high price means that it is high quality.


Know the characteristics of a quality Gi. Knowing what you’re looking for and what can be expected from a jiu jitsu gi is important to finding out which type of gi to go with. Be sure to check for the following characteristics when you are buying your next gi:


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Protective
  • Comfort & texture
  • Breathability
  • Stiffness
  • Good stitching
  • Hard to grip
  • Reinforced


You may not be able to find all of the characteristics you’re looking for in a gi but you can at least find a good combination of them. The reinforced ones may be a little stiffer and a lightweight gi may be a little less protective so you may have to make a compromise. The important part is finding the best quality gi that allows you to perform to the best of your ability. A poorly made or uncomfortable uniform can steal your focus away from training and improving so make sure you take the time to select a high-quality BJJ gi that fits your preferences.

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