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Oronin Wear: Redefining Martial Arts Clothing

Back in 2007, I started taking Taekwondo. I thought I was in love. I would wake up in the morning, go to my college courses, and watch the clock for 7PM. Once it struck seven, I’d run alongside the river on my way to the YMCA. Once there, I’d punch and kick the air as a slightly out-of-shape man yelled at me to punch harder and faster. For some reason this resonated with me and I kept going back. Well, I went back for about three classes before stopping.

A few months later, I found Wado-Ryu Karate and knew I fell in love. I went home and jumped on the internet to search for Wado-Ryu clothes. Nothing. Then I searched for karate clothing. Nothing. I went even more general and searched for martial arts clothing. Nothing. There were, of course, a few oversized t-shirts from sites like Zazzle and Café Press, but it’s not something I wanted to wear around. The designs attracted too much attention for my introverted self and the clothing never really complemented my body—it’d actually be hard to imagine anyone’s body.

I never bought any martial arts clothing, but I did go on to receive my black belt after 5 years of intense training. After all this time, I decided to search one more time, and yep, nothing. Martial arts clothing gets over 3000 hits a month with no dedicated brand to service these martial artists’ needs.

This is where Oronin Wear was born.

Oronin Wear is a martial arts lifestyle brand that gives martial arts clothing a whole new identity. Our clothing is made from premium fabrics that aid in sweat absorption when your martial arts or strength training gets intense. Our cuts are for slim bodies, so expect a form-fitting look that accentuates the shoulders, arms, and chest. For our bottoms, expect to kick as high and hard as you like.

I could talk about the meaning behind the brand but, for now, we're here to talk about what we want as martial artists and what is out there. Here's a breakdown of the 2018 search volume for martial arts clothing, karate t-shirt, and MA Uniforms...things we'd typically be looking for. 


martial arts clothing search volume


How are we answering this you ask? 

Here are a few examples of what you'll find when you shop with us. 

Our signature training jacket is made from a special nylon/spandex mix that you can throw on over your gi before you compete in a tournament or throw over a pair of jeans and walk around town. Here's a photo you've probably seen before. This is Marque P., one of our ambassadors and a team member of the Luxembourg National Team. They'll be competing for a spot in the Olympics 2020, so be on the lookout!

martial arts clothing


Here's another of our ambassadors, who is a little more into physical fitness and intense training. 

martial arts clothing


You definitely want to combine these with our joggers. Whether you're doing cardio training, forms, or just want to look athletic, our training uniform is one of the most aesthetically pleasing combinations in our store. 

We also realize that martial artists have special needs when it comes to training. We're not trained fighters, but there comes a time when bashing our forearms together and punching at each other's stomachs puts us at risk of injury. When we're injured, we can't train and we eventually start sucking! Take a look at Miles rocking the padded compression shirt while getting some training in.


padded compression shirt


We have so much more planned and will continue to redefine the martial arts industry. We know there are many stuck in their ways, but we're here to show that there's so much more we can do for the martial arts community. 

Here's to our future!

Alway rise in Oronin.

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