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Our Top 5 Favorite Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Our Top 5 Favorite Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Bruce Lee

Sorry for the clickbait....

But Bruce Lee will not be a part of this list. The other guys needed a chance. 

Looking for the top martial arts fights scenes ever? These are what we consider our favorites and are listing them in no particular order or preference to style.

Have a difference of opinion? Leave us your comments! 

Honorable Mention: 

Giru vs. Taikan (Kuro Obi)

If you are a karate-ka and have note seen this movie, it's time to visit eBay or Amazon and get yourself a copy. This isn't the flashiest of fight scenes, but it's the closest we karate lovers will ever get to real karate action in a movie. 


5. Two Dudes Fighting Over A Girl (Never Back Down Final Fight Scene)

What we love about Never Back Down is that it was one of the first movies to popularize the reality of fighting. We grew up watching one roundhouse kick take 45 seconds in a movie (cough* cough* Van Damme) and loved it...sometimes. The training and fight scense in this movie made some of grow up and appreciate the realness MMA was bringing to the world. 


4. Jet Li vs Japanese School (Fist of Legend)

Ah, memories. What we love most about this scene is the creativity and brutality of some of these techniques.  Many martial arts movies focused on large, slow movements to show the viewers the actual techniques. In this scene, we see Li break bones, cracks balls, and otherwise gives us hope that martial arts training would one day make us invincible. We obviously know it would never happen this way, but the great things about these traditional movies is that they gave us hope that we would some day be able to take on twenty men and thus gave us unreal determination in our martial arts training. 


3. Won Bin vs. Thugs (The Man From Nowhere)

If you read the preparation it took to prepare for this fight, you would know this is as real as it can get. The directors, actors, and stuntmen spent hours studying various fighting techniques, scenes, and outcomes that could have possibly happened with one man against them all. They discovered it was impossible for it to happen, so they did the best they could. 


2. Tony Jaa (Every Movie!)

Tony Jaa does his own stunts and makes Muay Thai look like the deadliest and coolest style in the world, all while being one of the most humble people in the world. We could have picked a better fight scene (maybe the one where he fights the capoeira guy in the fire), but we wanted to show his introduction to the world with that vicious roundhouse kick. 


1a. The Raid


1b. Oldboy 25 to 1


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