Top Karate Uniform Brands

If you're looking for a way to choose a karate uniform, we found an excellent article here:

But we have a list of companies that consistently produce high-quality karate uniforms and products. We don't house each of these brands, but we hope to partner up in the near future to provide our community of martial artists the best supplies for their training. 

Without further ado, here are a few of the top karate brands that supply karate gi.



You've probably heard the name Tokaido since you've started taking your karate classes. They're a Japanese company who've been around for more than five decades and have several certified distribution centers around the world. That's almost a lifetime! They handmake their karate uniforms from the highest quality canvas. How do we know? Several of our members are diehard Tokaido fans and have put in thousands of hours training in Tokaido products. We think that's enough evidence. 

Check out our favorite Tokaido products here: 

Tokaido Top Karate Uniform



Shureido is the 1b when people think of high-quality karate uniforms. 1a would be the Tokaido brand. There are many martial arts masters who wear the Shureido brand karate uniform--Otsuka Kazuta, the grandson of Hironori Otsuka, being among them. 


Seishin International

There's a brand taking the karate world by storm. Seishin International was created by a popular karate blogger (who's actually not just a keyboard warrior), Jesse Enkamp. He's backed by several karate masters and karate-ka. We haven't actually seen or tested this product, but the response this gi has received from the karate community has been overwhelming. Make your own decision based off some of the information we found: 

***We do not receive any commission for this. We just think it's a great product for our members.



Meijin karate uniforms were developed under the guidance of martial arts masters. They're fairly priced and the quality is second to none. Our only problem with these is the fact that it's difficult to distinguish between the different types of unfiforms they have: Meijn Pro, Meijin Dojo, Meijin Tropical, Meijin Champ. 


David Evans

Best black gi i have had is Hirota, i bought one from europe, the last one i visited Hirota shop in Tokyo and had it measured for me, the weight is not as heavy as some makes but it always keeps its shape, the first was a size four and a half, the last one a size five, i aleays used Tokaido before but now i will stick with Hirota.


Thanks for the article!

So far, I’ve only had experience with 4 different gi during the 2 years I’ve been training. My first 2 were from Century (standard cotton/poly blend for beginners, and their middle-weight brushed cotton.) Both were unsatisfactory. After a bit of research I purchased a Meijin Tropical and a Meijin Champ. Here’s my evaluation of each:

Meijin Tropical – I love this uniform! I’m about 5’10" tall and weigh about 185lb, so I bought a size 5 and it fits like a traditional Japanes gi (a bit short in the sleeves and legs, compared to American apparel.) It was originaly just slightly big, but shrank down after a few washings.
The fabric feels amazing! It’s silky-smooth and EXTREMELY comfortable. It seems to have a lot of the same features of the Seishin gi (simply comparing lists.) My only request is that Meijin starts putting in higher waists for the bottoms.

Meijin Champ – This is also a very nice uniform, and I bought it primarily for testing. I decided to try the size 5.5, as my wife suggested it’d look better (a more American-style look with longer legs and sleeves.) Unfortunately, it didn’t shrink down as much. I even washed the pants on hot and put them in the drier so I didn’t slip on the legs during class. Overall, I’d go with a 5 if I were to do it again. When it comes to the actual uniform, the features are identical, but it’s MUCH heavier, as expected. The fabric isn’t as smooth feeling. I imagine that this uniform will wear in well over the years. There’s a bit of an issue getting the drawstring to work right; it twists up inside and is difficult to tighten/loosen. I did not have the same issue with the tropical uniform.

Hopefull this has been helpful!

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