Here's why we changed our logo..

When we started Oronin Wear, we wanted to be the biggest and most unique provider for activewear for martial artists. We continue to strive to be the Nike for martial arts. There was a huge gap in the market and we wanted to fill it. With any brand, a logo is needed. A logo is a visual representation of your brand. We wanted to our logo to represent the will of a martial artist because there is nothing stronger than a person working to improve themselves on a daily basis. That's where we came up with our original logo, which was a phoenix rising out of an omega sign. The omega represented the end and the phoenix represented the always rising motto. 

With activewear, or any type of sportswear, logos are printed on the clothing through many different types of techniques. We found that there was some difficulty with printing our logo since it had some finer details. The logo would just appear awkward on some articles of clothing. This is also why there's been a bit of a gap between new products (among many many other things).  

We also wanted a fresh start for 2020. We have several new things in line for the year and wanted a fresh start. 

So without further ado, say hello to your new logo to be feature on all future products: 



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