Oronin Wear Athlete Program and Revamped Ambassador Program

We receive close to a hundred messages a month from individuals seeking some type of sponsorship or "free" items. 95% of those individuals disappear after a soft rejection. The 5% that continued to support and show their genuine love of our brand and product began to make us reconsider what we want from our partnerships going forward. 

 We will be adding a new partnership program and expanding our current ambassador program with a few small changes .


Sponsored Athlete Program

We are looking for high-level competing individuals to spread our message and brand on a global scale. We are looking to collaborate with individuals from different martial arts styles: Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, BJJ, Boxing/Kickboxing, and MMA--list subject to change. 

At the moment, Karate and Judo are filled. We will rotate each style filled, so Karate will be first up when others are filled. 

Karate- Patrick Marques, Team Luxembourg Karate

Judo- Alex Turner, Team USA Judo

Our hope is to strengthen our brand's message to all martial arts.


  • Free gear 
  • Ability to test sample products
  • Monetary support for martial arts expenses in various forms
  • Photoshoots
  • Videos
  • Paid promotions
  • Larger discount for followers
  • Sponsorship patch

***List subject to change. 


How to apply: Don't worry  We will find you. 


Oronin Wear Ambassador Program

We are looking to increase the number of partnerships with martial artists. 


  • 50% gear
  • Promo code to give 15% off items to followers
  • Permission to post partnership on bio 
  • Consideration for future opportunities


1. Must have purchased gear at some point. 

2. Must have at least one social media posts.

***We only want people who believe in our message and product. 


 To apply: Please send email to oroninwear@oroninwear.com with the email title ''Ambassador"

Include name, martial arts style, social media links, and small description of your martial arts career.

Selections are on a case by case basis with no specific criteria.



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Hello im a pro boxer from germany.
Are you interested in a sponsorship



Im Chanel Emond. 22 years young. Im 16 time karate world champion. I would make you proud by wearing your clothes! Please let me have that great opportunity and big chance!

Chanel Emond

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