Limited Edition Padded Compression Shirt

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***One and only of this kind that will ever be produced***

Oronin Wear teamed up with the industry's best product developers to tackle one of the biggest problems when training in martial arts. Bruised bones may be a personal sign of accomplishment, but in reality, it puts our bodies at risk and threatens training in the future. 

Modeled after the Samurai armor, our model is designed to add protection to the forearms and solar plexus. This means that when you're performing your block, you won't go home with bruised bones. It also means when your partner is attacking your solar plexus, they won't hold back. 

Train longer. Train harder. Train smarter. 

  • Nylon/Spandex Fabric

  • Protective gel padding on forearms and solar plexus

  • Anti-pilling

  • Adult and Children Sizes

  • Options to purchase with or without the padding


Sizing ***Model is 5'11" and 175lbs wearing a Medium



125lbs -145lbs





5'9" - 6'1"



5'10"- 6'2"


Customer Reviews

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Kevin Miles
Great Feel

When I tried on the padded shirt I was a little shocked. I have never worn anything padded before besides sparring gear. But after a few minutes it felt like a second skin. Breathable, Not Constricting my movements, light weight. This thing is amazing, and can’t wait to try it in class. Thank you for the shirt. Highly recommended

Nigel T Boyle
Great shirt for other sports

I actually use this shirt for hockey, as the forearm pads are great for covering the area between my elbow pads and gloves. Or if i'm playing a pick up game with no gear, at least I have this shirt to give me some protection. The shirt fits great underneath all my gear, and dries quickly. I'm kinda upset with my boxing coach, he won't let me spar in it. As he says you need to feel what it's like to get hit in the chest. But he thinks the forearm pads are a great idea.

Baustin shaw
Unique Item

With it being a well fitted compression shirt and having pads, it provides an unique experience with training. The pads are not thick enough to replace outer pads in sparring but they provide some padding for training and sparring with team and if you are getting adjusted to fighting without pads this is a good step to getting closer!

Comfortable and amazing fabric

The shirts have amazing fit and the fabric helps against sweat. The length also helps make the shirt more comfortable.

Ryan Mcdermott

The shirt never came?